Zhouteng Ye

Research Interest Areas

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics
  • Multiphase flow
  • PDE-constrained optimization
  • Machine Learning

Honors and Awards


2009 – 2013 BE Ocean University of China, Engineer College
2013 – 2016 Ms Zhejiang University, Ocean College
2016 – ~ Ph.D Zhejiang University, Ocean College
2017 – 2018 Visiting scholar Florida State University, Department of Mathematics
2018 – ~ Visiting scholar University of Delaware, Department of Civil Engineering
  • Ye, Z., & Zhao, X. (2017). Investigation of water-water interface in dam break flow with a wet bed. Journal of hydrology, 548, 104-120. (PDF)
  • Yu, C. H., Ye, Z. T., Sheu, T. W., Lin, Y. T., & Zhao, X. Z. (2016). An improved interface preserving level set method for simulating three dimensional rising bubble. International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, 103, 753-772. (PDF)
  • Ye, Z., Zhao, X., & Deng, Z. (2016). Numerical investigation of the gate motion effect on a dam break flow. Journal of Marine Science and Technology, 21(4), 579-591. (PDF)
  • Ye, Z., Li, M., & Zhao, X. (2017, July). Wave Simulation Using an Internal Wave-Maker in a CIP-based Model. In The 27th International Ocean and Polar Engineering Conference. International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers. (PDF)
  • Zhao, X., Ye, Z., Fu, Y., & Cao, F. (2014). A CIP-based numerical simulation of freak wave impact on a floating body. Ocean engineering, 87, 50-63. (PDF)
  • Zhao, X., Ye, Z., & Fu, Y. (2014). Green water loading on a floating structure with degree of freedom effects. Journal of Marine Science and Technology, 19(3), 302-313. (PDF)
  • Li, D., Yao, Y., Chen, Q., & Ye, Z. (2015, May). Numerical simulation of tidal current energy in Yangtze Estuary-Hangzhou Bay, China. In OCEANS 2015-Gen-ova (pp. 1-6). IEEE. (PDF)

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